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Speakers Presenting at the 2019 AHCA Seminar.
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Advanced Training_ Impact Protection Under the FBC_Farinelli.pdf
Doors and Hardware for Healthcare_Meyer_Moll.pdf
Humanizing Technologies in our Healthcare Designs_Hood_North.pdf
Interating Research into Practice Redesigning C Section Rooms EGEA_AMBROSE.pdf
What Is AHCA- Intro for New Players from Design Professionals.pdf
AHCA 2019_12-Using NFPA and IBC Together.pdf
Proton Construction An Electrical Experience Snnow_Zinkofsky_Whitehead.pdf
Fire Alarm Survivability Pathway Req.pdf
2019 AHCA Seminar_CAT-Ring Presentation.pdf
Airflow Patterns and Flow Path of Contaminants in Hospital Operating Rooms Khankari.pdf
Case Study_Naples Community Hospital_Lab Reno Using ERV_ACB_Long_Wehr_Foll.pdf
Dedicated Outside Air Systems DOAS in Healthcare HVAC_ When and How to Implement Burton
Commissioning Code Requirements.pdf
Med Gas Emergency Management.pdf
Design Const Drug Service Compounding Pharmacy.pdf
Fire Pump Testing Requirements_Analysis and Interpretation_Clarke.pdf
Medical Gas Emergency Preparedness_Shut Down Procedures Rumbos_Andrayo.pdf
MEP Health Care Infrastructure Resiliency Design _Post Storm Sandy Friedman_Koch.pdf
Taming the Monster of Temperature_Humidity_and Pressure in Operating Rooms_Lamar_Ramirez.pdf
FAS Replace or Upgrade.pdf
Fire Safety
Current Health Care Fire Record and the Changes Over the Past Three Decades_ Crowley.pdf
Data Collection for Inspection, Testing and Maintenance_Koffel_Jenkins_Brown_Mann.pdf
Firestopping and Fire Resistance – an Executive Summary_McHugh.pdf
NFPA 99 Hot Topics and FAQs.pdf
NFPA 241.pdf
Main Speakers
Design Learning from the History of Medicine_Currie.pdf
Outpatient Strategy in an Emerging Market_Wood_Vargas.pdf
Fake Life or Real Life- Which will you promote FL 10-7-19.pdf
Retail Healthcare_Guimaraes.pf
Enhanced Private Sector Healthcare System Readiness_Wago_Marshall.pdf

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