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Download speaker pdf
Below are links to download the pdf files from the
Speakers Presenting at the 2017 AHCA Seminar.
Click on the title to download and save to your computer. The file will open in a separate window where you can download it. That new page has an icon at the top right to make the download begin.

Architecture Speaker PDF files
ADA information sources_Gross.pdf
Advances in BathroomDesign and Equivalent Facilitation_Hiatt.pdf
Contact for 6th Editon FBC_Gross.pdf
Designing Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities_Barach.pdf
Nursing Homes or Bust_J Rohde_Final_NH.pdf
Revisions to the 2014 FGI Guidelines and 6th Edition of the FBC Tur_Gregory.pdf

Electrical Engineer Speaker pdf files
Changes to the NFPA 72 2010 to 2013_Rietz.pdf
Technology costs are not in my construction budget What is next_CallawayPotter.pdf
In the eye of the Beholder Wartan_Masterton.pdf

Mechanical Session pdf
Analyzing Environmental Quality Indicators_Greeley_Wagner.pdf
CAV to VAV in Florida - What Does This Really Mean_Harrell Nicely.pdf
CMS and Standard ASHRAE 170_Updates to ASHRAE 170_Rousseau.pdf

Facility Engineer Speaker pdf files
Active Shooter-Active Threats in Healthcare_ HUDSON.pdf
Hospital Energy Analysis_Walson_Ferris.pdf
NFPA 99 Health Care Facilities Risk Assessments_Beebe_Dagenais.pdf
Pitfalls of Utilizing Temp Cooling_Fernandez_Palacios.pdf
The Surveyors_Perspective_Joint Commission_Kendig.pdf

Fire Safety pdf
Conflagration to Code - How Historic Building Fires Shaped Modern Codes_Gardner_Drydenl.pdf
Inspecting and Maintaining Swinging Egress and Fire Doors_Pardoe_Glaski.pdf
Expansion and Seismic Joint Covers and Fire Barriers_Photoluminescent Egress Markings_Life Safety Code Changes_Miller.pdf
Healthcare Update NFPA 101 2012 to 2015_Furedell.pdf
NFPA 1 2012 to 2015 Final.pdf

Main speaker pdfs
2018 Guidelines Update_erickson.pdf
Humanizing Health Care Environments_Takoudes.pdf
Preamble to BenReistra_Hercules .pdf
Human Experience HC_Riestra.pdf
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